Review: Blindsighted

Book Title: Blindsighted ( Grant County #1)

Author: Karin Slaughter

Published By: Harper on May 26th, 2015


Rating: ★★★★★



Alright, for those of you who don’t already know.. I am a HUGE Karin Slaughter fan! Once I finish the rest of the Grant County series I will have read all of her books and I even begin to explain the feeling I have when I pick up one of her books. I always make sure I have the whole day free because I know I won’t be putting it down anytime soon.

Now I actually ended up reading the books out of order because I read the Will Trent series without knowing about Grant County. I would highly recommend reading these in order since they do feed off information given to you in the first books.

With that being said I was still able to enjoy this book. It was so awesome learning more about Sara’s past. I feel like in the Will Trent books it never really explained her the way I wanted to understand her and now I know why. Also, it is so fun to finally learn about Jeffrey and Lena! While reading this book I kept telling my friends/family the stuff that happens in this book is crazy!! It would never happen in real life, but I guess that’s why it’s a book haha.

The thing I love most about Karin Slaughter books is that you’re never left just wondering. She always ties up all the loose ends and never leaves you guessing or with the thought of “Well what happened to…”. Never. But at the same time you will be thinking about the books days later because you something that she vividly described happening.

This first novel of the Grant County series kept me guessing right up until the last few chapters. The gruesome, disturbing, yet exciting details along with the fantastic forensics and police work in this book is what really pulls it all together. I feel as though some crime/mystery authors don’t do enough research on how a police investigation would actually work and just kind of follow what would happen on a tv show but you will notice that Karin Slaughter is on top of it!! She thoroughly follows all of the right steps that would actually happen if the investigation was real. It makes reading this page-turner that much more enjoyable. I can not recommend Karin Slaughter enough. She has been my favorite author for probably the past year and I don’t see anyone taking her place any time soon.


**KS will be releasing a new stand alone novel in August. Try to pick up one of her books before then so that you can see how amazing she is. Can’t wait for my next KS review!!**


Review: Behind Her Eyes


Book Title: Behind Her Eyes

Author: Sarah Pinborough

Published By: Flatiron Books on January 31st, 2017


Rating: ★★★★


This book took me exactly one day to finish. I literally couldn’t put it down!! Before choosing this book as my Book of the Month choice I did a lot of spoiler free research on it. Almost everything that I had read said that there a huge OMG/WTF moment at the end and boy, were they right!

I have to say I was very disappointed at the end of this book because I felt as though the author gave up and kinda just said, “Ok.. I’m tired of writing. BOOM, ending.” It was sudden and way to far fetched for me to ever want to pick up and read again. With a new ending this book would have been a 5 star rating but those last couple chapters absolutely destroyed a beautiful book.

When first reading this book you will think that it’s going to be about domestic violence, which always makes a good mystery/thriller novel, but be careful who you choose to take sides with in this book because it will keep you on your toes and always guessing. No matter if you love the ending or you throw your book across the room because you are angry (guilty) this book will be in the back of your thoughts for weeks after reading it. It is a must read just for the detail and character build up and I would recommend that anyone who likes to read mystery/thriller novels should go their nearest library or bookstore and read/buy this immediately. I will definitely be picking up another one of her books just for her writing style and ability to make her characters so realistic!